TutorTrac Schedule

The Bear CLAW in-person drop-in math and science tutoring table are open in Meyer Library. Due to the Labor Day Holiday, Sunday hours will begin September 12. 

Scheduling a tutoring session

Download instructions for scheduling an appointment online

Online tutoring is available. If you do not find your course in your search, you may want to consider meeting with your professor or with an Academic Coach or Peer Counselor to receive additional assistance.

You can watch the YouTube video to let a tutor explain what you can expect.

You must use the Online scheduling system for online tutoring.

You will use your BearPass Login credentials to schedule through TutorTrac.

If you have questions you may access the Zoom Receptionist room. To access the room, log-in to My Missouri State, navigate to the Campus Life tab, locate the Bear CLAW block, and click on the ZOOM Bear CLAW space. 

Hours: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Monday - Thursday; when classes are in session.

Schedule a Blackboard Collaborate Appointment Online Using TutorTrac
  1. Go to My Missouri State and log in.
  2. Choose the Campus Life tab.
  3. In the Bear CLAW channel, select the TutorTrac link. You will be taken to the TutorTrac Main Menu. (If you access TutorTrac direct, you'll need to log in).
  4. From here, click Search Availability. You will then see a drop down menu titled Center.
  5. Select Subject Area Tutoring from the drop down menu. This will bring up several new options: Consultant, Section, From, To, Time, and Days. You can narrow your search using any of these criteria by selecting the drop down arrow and clicking on your preferences.
  6. When you have finished narrowing your search, click the Search button. Any available time slots will appear.
  7. Click on the time slot in which you want to schedule your appointment. The Appointments Entry box should pop up.
  8. Fill out all necessary information in this box and click Save.
  9. To see appointments you have made, click Main Menu. All appointments will be listed in Upcoming Appointments.
  10. To cancel an appointment, click on the "x" on the right within the Upcoming Appointments box.

NOTE: Appointments made online must be made at least 24 hours in advance and can only be made up to seven days in advance. Please note that online tutoring appointments may be recorded for training purposes.

At the time of your appointment

When it is time for your appointment, log back in to TutorTrac, which will now display enter appointment box which will contain a link to the assigned Collaborate Room. (This link will appear no sooner than 15 minutes before the scheduled start time).



Missing an Appointment

If you miss three appointments scheduled in advance, you will be unable to use the services of the Bear CLAW for the remainder of the semester. Cancelling an appointment less than 24 hours before your scheduled time counts as a missed appointment.

Preparing for an Appointment

Our tutors will help you in every way possible during your session, but there are a few ways you can prepare ahead of time to make the most of your session:

Session Documentation

Every time you book, cancel, or move an appointment, we'll send you an e-mail of the change.

  • Please prepare your questions prior to your appointment
  • Have your instructor's assignment sheet, related class handouts, and textbook at your side
  • List your goals for your meeting