Bear CLAW Hours

Bear Claw will be open on January 17 (Wednesday) for Spring 2018 with limited services.

The Bear CLAW is staffed by student employees and will not be open when classes are not in session.  


1st Floor Meyer Library

Fall Math Drop-In Table

Monday: 10am - 8pm

Tuesday: 10am - 8pm

Wednesday: 10am - 8pm

Thursday: 10am - 8pm

Friday: 10am - 3pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: 3pm - 8pm

Many of the math tutors can also help with Physics.

Fall Science Drop-In Table

Serving BIO, BMS, CHM, and GLG courses. 

Monday: 1pm - 7pm

Tuesday: 1pm - 7pm

Wednesday: 1pm - 7pm

Thursday: 1pm - 7pm

Friday: 1pm - 3pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: 3pm - 7pm

Geology Drop-In (at Science Table)

Monday: 2pm - 3pm

Tuesday: 2pm - 4pm

Wednesday: 5pm - 7pm

Thursday: 2pm - 4pm

Fri., Sat., & Sun.: Closed

Fall Business Drop-In Table 

Serving ACC, FIN, MGT, MKT, and QBA courses.

Monday: 2:30pm - 6pm

Tuesday: 11am-1:30pm & 4pm - 6pm

Wednesday: 2:30pm - 8pm

Thursday: 11am - 1:30pm & 2pm - 6pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: 3pm - 7pm

Fall Economics Drop-In Table

Serving ECO 155 and ECO 165 courses

Monday: 2pm - 3:15pm 

Tuesday: 2pm - 4pm 

Wednesday: 1pm - 4pm 

Thursday: 2pm - 4pm 

Fri., Sat., & Sun.: Closed

Generalist Tutor: Gen. Ed Classes & Study Skills (Located at Business Table)

Monday: 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Wednesday: 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Thursday: 2pm - 4pm

Tue., Fri., Sat., & Sun.: Closed

For a list of courses covered by generalists and their schedules, please see

General Computer Assistance (with Assignments Using Microsoft Products)

Tuesday & Thursday: 11am - 1pm

Sunday: 3pm - 7pm

Mon., Wed., & Fri.: Closed

Other subject areas during the fall semester

Other subject area tutoring by appointment includes:

  • Religion
  • Art History
  • Spanish
  • Latin
  • German
  • French

Courses and areas covered by the generalist tutors include:

  • Academic Coaching (Rachel drop-in)
  • CIS 200 (Rachel drop-in)
  • COM 115 (Rachel drop-in)
  • HST 122 (Rachel drop-in)
  • Study skills (Rachel drop-in)
  • Time management (Rachel drop-in)

More information

Please contact if you need additional tutoring assistance.

Websites to visit