Tutor Qualifications

At the present time we are not hiring additional tutors.
Thank you for your interest.

  1. Have and maintain an overall GPA of 3.00 or higher
  2. Have completed the course and earned a grade of B or higher in the course you wish to tutor or a higher level course that includes substantial knowledge of course material of lower level course
  3. Provide an academic reference by a faculty member of the academic department for the subject area you wish to tutor.  The official tutor reference form must be returned before you are allowed to tutor.
  4. Have completed at least one semester at Missouri State University and be a current full-time student (fall and spring semesters)
  5. Have high standards of ethics and integrity
  6. Have a positive attitude and work ethic
  7. Have good communication and interpersonal skills
  8. Some tutoring experience helpful but not required 

The University must complete the Employment Eligibility Process, this includes the Form I-9 and E-Verify for all new hires. If you are hired and do not currently work on campus, you must provide original identification materials, most commonly this includes a current passport, or your original social security card plus your driver’s license.  For an alternative listing of acceptable documents see http://www.missouristate.edu/assets/human/I-9_IFR_02-02-09.pdf


For the direct deposit forms you must provide a voided check. 

Graduate Assistantships are not available in the Bear CLAW. If you are a graduate assistant in another department you may not work additional hours in the Bear CLAW. We will gladly accept approved volunteer tutors or graduate assistants reassigned from an Academic Department for course specific tutoring. 

A few words about subject area tutoring

Tutoring is a professional job and should be treated as such by both the students making the appointments and by tutors. Respecting each other's time is of the utmost importance.

Students make appointments with tutors with a 24 hours notice and cannot be made more than 4 days in advance.

Students may only make one appointment at a time.

Students are limited to 2 one hour appointments per week per subject.

Missing more than two appointments without 24 hour advanced cancellation will require the tutee to see the Director of the Learning Commons in order to continue to be able use the services. Canceling more than two appointments during a semester will require the tutee to see the Director of the Learning Commons in order to continue to be able to use the services. Medical reasons will be considered “excused” when the tutee has a verified visit to Taylor Health.

Tutors and tutees will be required to sign in and out of appointments and will be required to check off on an evaluation of each other at that time.

Tutors missing or canceling appointments will be asked to re-evaluate their desire to work. They will be referred to the Director of the Learning Commons and in most cases tutors missing more than three appointments will have their hours removed from the schedule.

Tutors are only paid when they are checked in using the TutorTrac system. At this point, students are limited to working no more than 20 hours per week.

Tutor training is paid, and eventually will be certified through the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) certification program. Certification requires 10 hours training and 25 hours of experience at the Bear Claw.

The more courses a tutor can tutor the more appointments they will likely get. If many tutors only want to tutor on the weekend then they will probably have fewer appointments.

Tutors may or may not see the same student to tutor. The student can select the tutor they want so if a particular tutor worked well with them one time the student may request the same tutor.

Some classes feature group tutoring, where there are up to 10 students who need help on the same subject.